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Koxze and More

At the beginning, Koxze is just a traditional glass mirror factory, and it is for family business only. It never consider about mirror frame and a completed mirror. Probably before 2006 year, the low worker cost in china makes Koxze got many orders. But at that moment, Koxze is just a Semi - finished products processing factory.

Since the leader of Koxze met Mr. Werner Heisenberg who is a purchaser of OBI on 2006 year. He knows Koxze should have a completed mirror workshop and knows that illuminated mirror will have big market in future.

In the past years, there is many of the whole orders get from online and off-line shop’s clients. But, Koxze lost some of them too. The reasons is such as • ebay and amazon rules change • delivery not in time ( due to Koxze has no a professional produce line for retail client’s order at that moment , so much quantity orders occupy most of the produce line’s time) • some of the lost clients unfamiliar about the sea shipment cost and handles.

Since the past 2015 year, Koxze make it’s determined to explore a good solution way for all the problems, and to find out win – win. Currently, Koxze has a professional workshop for online or off line seller’s orders, this workshop will not has any orders about project or others, but you can also contact project@koxze.com for your OEM request. Also, there is a 5 staffs R&D team for new design develop and test, Koxze will keep design update for it’s clients to find out what is the personal’s hot-sale item. In addition, you can also find more about logistics here.


Koxze location in the famous branding ceramic city – Foshan, which you can sourcing more about home décor and bathroom things, such as faucets, wash basin, toilets, hardware accessories, home furniture and also some raw metal materials. The most importance is, there will be a lot of delicious food waiting for you to explore.

Quality Control

Normally, negative feedback is the most thorny thing for online sale. Every negative feedback maybe a big point to effect the income for the next month, even the future to a shop. To seller, PV CTR CVR have cost a lot of time, who will kill his brain cells again to eliminate negative feedback. Maybe you have a strong after-sale service team, but why you don’t try to maximize stop the negative feedback possibility from the beginning? And spend more time to enjoy your family time.

Some of the people sourcing from china, they always worry about that, is it the quality same as signed sample or not, and the delivery in time or not. Also is there a problem in the production when the supplier delay reply in a long time. Difference supplier gives difference solution.

For these problems, KOXZE will do:
• provide QC report before shipment ( accept third-part QC too)
• production process schedule. ( koxze will provide a online check system in future for user to view instant progress of the order.)

Koxze product’s standard

• Copper – free silver mirror. preventing "black edge" and improving durablity.
• All led mirror series electric part certificate CE / UL / RoHS
• All led mirror series IP44
• All decorative mirror series using environmental paint.
• 3 years guarantee.

After-sale terms

Back to the annoying negative feedback and complaint problems. Under the contract, Koxze will:

• Original product quality problem. - free new qualified products.
• Accessories missing – free accessories send.
• Internal accessories which KOXZE’s client not able to install by self – free new qualified product or discount for next order.

Value Added

Koxze is encourage it’s clients makes ideas moves. So Koxze will :

• Provide free products for client’s event to attract buyer.
• Greater discounts for client’s promotion.

Fit to old clients only, One time for per month. ( promotion apply form download )

Shipment & Support

Normally, under EXW term. The importer’s charge list including:

• FOB products cost.
• Shipment cost.
• Insurance cost.
• Destination port charges ( every country will difference, but no many)
• Customs clearance fees(include taxes)
• Traffic cost from port to warehouse.

In order to makes the logistics cost more clear, Koxze provide a shipment cost form for reference, (it will a little difference per month)

shipping cost

Koxze encourage every it’s clients to try a viable quantity (in acceptable situation). You have to consider the logistics cost for apportioned each product before you order.

Now get start your explore to find what will be your hot - sale item.

• Bathroom led mirrors series
• Wall decorative mirrors series
• Handicap tilt wall mirrors